Full aperture easy open end

  • Full aperture aluminum easy open ends

    Full aperture aluminum easy open ends

    Packfine’s easy open end-aluminum is the perfect lids for your food or beverage of choice. Whether you need a partial opening or full aperture, Packfine has you covered.

    Our tinplate Full Open Ends (round, quarter club, oval, pear) are most suitable for tuna fish, tomato paste, vegetables, fruits, juices, etc., and also for dry packs such as coffee powder, milk powder, cereals and nuts. Aluminum Easy Open Lids for beer & beverage are available in Ring Pull Type, Stay on Tab (SOT Easy Open Ends) and Large Opening Ends (LOE). Our SOT Lids / Stay on Tab Beverage Ends and LOE can be made available for packing carbonated beverages & pasteurized / retort / sterilized juices.