Can ends

  • Beverage can ends RPT/SOT 202/200 B64/CDL/SOE

    Beverage can ends RPT/SOT 202/200 B64/CDL/SOE

    With the development of the aluminum pull-tab – the first easy-open beverage lid – aluminum beverage cans became a much more accessible packaging format.

    further developments in lid technology have been made to improve convenience, ease of use and the drinking experience.

    Standard Endings We offers a range of standard beverage can end sizes, available in silver or gold finishes. Wide mouth lids are also available, featuring a standard closure with a larger opening for easier drinking and pouring.

  • Food and beverage tinplate bottom ends

    Food and beverage tinplate bottom ends

    PACKFINE tinplate bottom ends product is perfect for food cans and can be used as both a lid and a bottom. By different coating inside, our can bottom ends could be used for different content, including meat can, tomato paste can, fish can, fruit can, and dry food. The external side printing is customizated, your logo and brand could be shown on it. Our full specification could satisfy most of demand in metal package, customized dimensions are also available! Our products are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring that your logo and brand will be showcased in the best light. Contact us today to learn more about our products!

  • Full aperture aluminum easy open ends

    Full aperture aluminum easy open ends

    Packfine’s easy open end-aluminum is the perfect lids for your food or beverage of choice. Whether you need a partial opening or full aperture, Packfine has you covered.

    Our tinplate Full Open Ends (round, quarter club, oval, pear) are most suitable for tuna fish, tomato paste, vegetables, fruits, juices, etc., and also for dry packs such as coffee powder, milk powder, cereals and nuts. Aluminum Easy Open Lids for beer & beverage are available in Ring Pull Type, Stay on Tab (SOT Easy Open Ends) and Large Opening Ends (LOE). Our SOT Lids / Stay on Tab Beverage Ends and LOE can be made available for packing carbonated beverages & pasteurized / retort / sterilized juices.

  • Food and beverage aluminum peel off lid  (POL)

    Food and beverage aluminum peel off lid (POL)

    Looking for an easy-open lid that will keep your food safe and secure? Try the aluminum peel off lid! This innovative packaging is easy to open and guarantees that your product has not been tampered with. Plus, the thin aluminum membrane makes it a breeze to access whatever’s inside. Be sure to try the aluminum peel off lid today! Look no further than the Aluminum Peel-Off Lid! Unlike other types of lids, our Peel-Off lid is extremely durable and features an anti-cutting mechanism to keep your food safe. Plus, our lid is perfect for a variety of food types, including dry tea, coffee, cocoa, soy lecithin, soluble products and more!