Peel off ends are a type of easy open end that allow consumers to access the contents of a can without using a can opener.

They consist of a metal ring and a flexible membrane that can be peeled off by pulling a tab. Peel off ends are suitable for various types of products, such as dry foods, pet foods, dairy products, beverages, and more.

The specifications of peel off ends can vary depending on the manufacturer and the product requirements. Some common specifications include:


  • Tinplate Ring with
  • Aluminium Foil (Membrane)


  • Full Aperture (O-Shape)
  • Partial Aperture (D-Shape, Spoon Level)

Compound (liner)

  • Metal Can Placement (MCP)
  • Composite Can Placement (CCP)


  • 52mm 65mm 73mm 84mm
  • 99mm 127mm 153mm 189mm


  • Flat Tab
  • Ring Pull Tab
  • Stuck down Tab
  • Rivet Tab


  • Dry food  (powdered food)
  • Processed food (retortable)

Keep in mind that these are just some common specifications of peel off ends, and there may be other specifications available depending on your product requirements. Let me know if you have any other questions!

peel off ends


Christine Wong

Post time: Nov-17-2023